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Revive Adserver Allow Image Invocation Tag

Revive adserver Invocation Tags Plugin Setting page there is option available as “Allow Image Invocation Tag” to enable “Image Invocation Tag”.

Question :

I have been using OpenX but now installed Revive today and all went well – set up everything then went to get the invocation code for each zone, however, only the javascript, iframe and local invocation codes appear. I would like to use the image invocation code but no idea how to activate this – i have already moved the image folder as per the documentation and checked that the image banner is listed in the Admin settings sections. Can anyone tell me how to get the image invocation code to appear please?

Answer :

In Revive adserver “Image Invocation Tag” not enabled by default, Revive Administrator need to enable that invocation tag type on Administrator section. Login as admin and click “Plugins” menu tab, then click “Details” link for this “Invocation Tags Plugin” plugin. In that page you will see “Setting” link, by clicking you will be redirected new page, there you can check and enable “Allow Image Invocation Tag” option. Also you can enable what are the invocation tags need to show on zone section.

Revive Adserver Allow Image Invocation Tag
Revive Adserver Allow Image Invocation Tag
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