Prevent Same Ad Showing in Multiple Zones

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Revive Adserver has features to Prevent Same Ad Showing in Multiple Zones. There is two way of needs for the users to prevent the same ads showing in same page. 1) No need to show same advertiser’s in same page, 2) No need to show same ads in same page in a multiple times.


We have three advertisers, each with one campaign, and a site with two zones. I’ve set things up all using the defaults so that each campaign targets each zone. All campaigns are remnant.

Actually We see is the same ad appearing in both zones sometimes. I want to set things up so that if an ad from any selected campaign is shown in one of the zones, then one from the other two is always shown in the other zone.



In advertiser add/edit page there is feature available as “Display only one banner from this advertiser on a web page”, chose that options and save the settings.

This feature will help to prevent same ads showing from same advertiser in the same page where multiple zone placed. In each zone different advertiser ads will be shown.


For whom willing to avoid only same ad prevention on same page, while taking invocation tag, please choose this setting, “Don’t show the banner again on the same page”. 

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