Mobile Ads Targeting

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Mobile Ads Targeting


Is there a way to display a certain campaign or specific banners to desktops only (no mobile or tablets)?

These banners are too wide to be displayed in an acceptable form on mobile devices.
What can I do to use different banner sizes depending on the user’s device?


No support available in revive adserver to target mobiles to deliver ads. Normally revive adserver helps to deliver ads in mobile devices but target setting feature not available.

We(ReviveAdserverPlugin) developed the plugin(Mobile Targeting Plugin for Revive Ad server) which will support to target ads on mobile and desktop devices. Target ads in Mobile using revive adserver will helpful for advertisers and administrator.

While creating banners upload 2 same banners with different dimension, like 728 X 90 and 150 X 45. Set Targeting large size banner to Desktop users and smallest one to Mobile users.  This will help advertiser to target correct banners to right audience.

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