Revive Adserver Displays Empty Banners

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Revive Adserver displays empty banners when there is no matched ads available. These are the following reason for no matched ads available to delivers to end users. Check the following methods and troubleshoot it.


I’ve just installed the adserver and wanted to play around and see what’s what.

I’ve created an advertiser, a campaign, a banner, a website, a zone and place the invocation tags on publisher page, no banners shows. It’s empty.


  • Check both campaign and banners in active status.
  • Check whether any of active banners linked with zone, then only banners will be deliver.
  • Check whether you have applied any targeting limitations for the banners, and check it matches the criteria to deliver the banners.
  • See the zone probability page, all linked banners will list here and shows percentage of delivery to the users. Make sure those percentage should not be 0.
  • Banner weight and campaign weight should be greater than zero, default is 1. Make sure it has the correct values.
  • Clear cache files from “/var/cache/” directory, banners always deliver from cache files. It will update in regular interval.
  • Please check whether any Ad Blocker software/extension added on your browser.
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