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Block Domains On Revive Adserver


Block Domains on Revive Adserver plugin provide solution for avoiding un-authorized websites to deliver ads. Administrator has feature to add domain names into block list, from this whenever any ads deliver from those websites, administrator will be notified via email. Also the ad code will not return advertisement as response for delivery.


Block Domains Plugin For Revive Adserver :

Anyone can deliver banners on their site by using revive adserver invocation tags. This allows the third user to copy and paste the tags on their site and can shown the advertisement. Also the publisher can execute invocation tags locally and increase the impressions. It may lead to nil result and the Click through rate will also be zero.

When you run your adserver as CPM network, advertisers need to spend more money for non used impressions generated by the publishers.

Block Domains Plugin For Revive Adserver is useful to prevent the delivery of ads from un-authorized websites. Also the Administrator have the  feature that he can add domain names to the block list, so that any ads which deliver from those websites will be notified via email by the administrator. Also the ad code will not return advertisement as response for delivery.

This kind of blocking solution will be more helpful for the advertiser and they only charge for a valuable visitor. Also there is a chance for increase in click through rate from the right audience.

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